PONY Effect Essentials Collection: Stay Put Eye Sticks + Favorite Fluid Lip Tint

Finally a new blog post! I’ve been slacking off on my blog posts lately due to school projects and just being busy with other things like eating, sleeping, binge watching shows…you know the kind of stuff we all like to do. But in all seriousness I just haven’t had the motivation, even though I still have a bunch of things I need to post *insert sad face emoji* or maybe it’s just me being lazy (probably, haha). But here’s a long overdue review of some products I received from Memebox last month. (btw, so sorry for posting this super late)

Memebox sent over two Stay Put Eye Sticks and the Favorite Fluid Lip Tint from the PONY Effect Essentials Collection. When I first got it in the mail I absolutely fell in love with the packaging. I love the matte black paired with a copper finish–such a cute combo.

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JORD Wood Watches

I love incorporating unique pieces like this hand crafted wooden timepiece into my outfits, which was gifted to me from a watch company called JORD. I’ve seen people on social media with trendy wooden watches like this, but never owned one myself so I was super excited to receive it in the mail. At first I was a little skeptical about how it would feel on my wrist with it being wooden, but now that I have it I absolutely love it!

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Hi blogger friends! My friend Christina and I have an upcoming YouTube channel called theCUT. I never officially announced it on my blog but here it is! We’ll be doing videos such as lookbooks, vlogs, favorites, hauls, challenges, tags, etc. So stay tuned! And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel! 🙂

PONY Effect That Girl Illusion Nail Lacquer | MEMEBOX

For those of you who don’t know who Pony is, Pony is one of the faces if not THE face for Korean beauty products. She one of Korea’s most famous beauty gurus and is becoming more known internationally, inspiring young women across the globe. She is a self-taught makeup artist who has also released a few books that include some of her makeup/beauty tips and tricks. You can also find a bunch of her makeup tutorials on Youtube!

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted something on my blog, so here’s a little something that has been sitting in my drafts for a while now. I think since November? Oops, lol. (I was probably too lazy to type something up, but here it is finally!) Anyway, here are just some shots that Jeramy and I took of each other when I had to go out and shoot for one of my photography projects last quarter (Fall 2015). We went out to the Marin Headlands and decided to explore the area a little and came across these cool little spots.

(Btw, these aren’t the shots for my project. These are just photos we took when I wasn’t shooting for my project.)

Hope you guys like them! 🙂

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So I was recently asked to do makeup for a banquet/prom event for some close family friends and I was super excited because this was my first time doing this sort of thing since I’m used to only doing my own makeup.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional makeup artist nor did I go to cosmetology school. I’m just your average girl who loves makeup!

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