For one of my design classes, one of our two final projects was to do a project on “The History of X”, with X being anything of our choice. I chose to do my project on the history of cameras. For this project we were only to have about 6-10 panels/sections and the written text was limited to titles and dates only. Since my choice of cameras were quite limited due to the amount of pages we could have, the cameras that I chose to display for my project are somewhat random.

I basically looked at a timeline of the history of cameras and chose ones that I thought would be good. Since this project was more focused on the design aspect, we had the freedom to choose which dates to start and end at. The main objective of this project was to creatively use the principles and elements of design that we learned in class, focusing on rhythm, unity, and flow. Also, 75% of this project had to be handmade, which just meant that it couldn’t all be done on the computer. With all of that said, here is my project! Enjoy!

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