A few weeks ago my friends, my boyfriend, and I decided to go out into the city on a Saturday afternoon to check out some coffee shops we’ve been wanting to go to and explore the area a little. Our first stop was Reveille Coffee Co. This little coffee shop is located in the heart of the Castro in San Francisco. The whole space definitely had a cozy feel with a modern touch to it and the people that work there are super nice! Since we didn’t get to try any of the food items on their menu, we’re definitely gonna go back. That’s for sure.
After Reveille, we decided to check out Jane on Fillmore in Pacific Heights. Around this cafe there are a bunch of boutiques, restaurants, and other shops like Rag & Bone, Nars Cosmetics, Aesop, etc. The interior of this cafe is super cute. I especially love the B&W floral wall detailing. The black wooden paneling and B&W patterned tabletops just bring everything together. We got a little hungry so we decided to grab a little snack at this cafe. I decided to get a slice of banana bread, Christina got toast with avocado, hummus, cucumbers, and tomatoes on top, and I believe Marielle got a snickerdoodle cookie, which we all ended up sharing with each other anyway. I definitely want to come back and have breakfast at this place one of these days because everything looks so good!
Also, check out our vlog from this day!
(It’s super short btw)

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